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Program Components,
Content and Elements

Many of the programs in the market today are developed and delivered in a manner which supports the objective of the training companies or educational institutions without recognition of the specific needs and circumstances of the entrepreneur. The emphasis must not be on headcount, number of classes or, for that matter, content. Our experience in providing entrepreneurial education has clearly demonstrated that the method and mode of delivery are critical to ensure effectiveness. In that light, we employ a variety and combination of methodologies and tools in a blended or integrated approach. A few of these tools include:

Classroom lecture

Facilitated learning

Case studies

Simulation gaming


Peer learning

Support groups

Distance learning



Access to expertise


One-on-one advisory

Group focus clinics

Networking groups

Assessment and evaluation

Review and feedback

These tools allow us to design and implement programs that are appropriate to individuals and companies throughout a range of circumstances; full time students, working adults, distant learners, etc.

In addition, the mode, method and content must change and adapt to the stage of business development. Obviously, the needs for more focused and personalized content and delivery will be required as clients advance in their businesses.

Typically our programs are modular in nature and are not content specific; this allows us to deliver content developed by third parties. The system and method of delivery is paramount in achieving positive results in entrepreneurial and SME training.



Entrepreneurship Development
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