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SME Development


We have a broad portfolio of programs which may be appropriate to respective stages of the entrepreneurial and SME development. We hold proprietary rights to these programs allowing us to customize or tailor them to specific venues, stages of maturity, mode of delivery, etc. Further, we have the expertise and capacity to design programs and content specific to local needs and requirements.

SME Development Product Series

Transfer2Grow Logo

Transform to Grow Program

The “Transform to Grow™” program series is an interactive learning curriculum of practical business training that will guide company leaders to transform themselves, their teams and their businesses, empowering them to grow to the next level.

The program is an in-depth curriculum designed to enhance participants’ awareness and knowledge of stages of business growth and development, enabling them to prepare for the imminent shift in their business roles. Through the practical application of business principles and interactive learning methodologies, the program provides business leaders with a foundation for the development of their business and personal capability.

Foundations for Growth: Core Comps, Strategies, Stages, Dynamics,
Leading for Growth: Supervising – Managing - Leading
Marketing for Growth: Branding, Positioning, Promotion, Pricing
Funding Growth: Anticipating, Planning, Capitalization
Excellerating Growth: High Growth, High Potential Business Acceleration
Synergy Growth Lab: Assess, Envision, Strategize, Mapping, Mentoring

Business Excellerator Logo

The Business Excellerator Program

The Business Excellerator Program is the catalyst that enables first-stage entrepreneurs to catapult your business to the next level.  Our mission is to empower SME with the tools they need to grow the business and provide a these carefully selected high growth high potential SME with the skills to make their leader a better entrepreneur and leader.

It will provide an intensive customized learning and networking throughout the 30 week process as well as access to a vibrant community of mentors, business owners and leaders of commerce from around the world.

Along with structured educational content focused on the core areas of first-stage businesses, the Excellerator Program affords SME the unique experience of learning from and connecting with the world’s most influential entrepreneurs.

Foundation of International Trade logo

Foundation of International Trade (FIT)

FIT is a comprehensive series of in-depth series of programs that will help your company developing an in-depth understanding of your target markets and manage your international trade activities more effectively. With an eye to developing a competitive advantage, the FIT Series will teach you how to outdistance your competitors in the global marketplace where competition is fierce.

We will assist you in developing a comprehensive road map for getting your products to the best markets while successfully navigating the complexities and obstacles along the way.

These programs will enable you to “GLOCALIZE” your company, that is, to Think Globally, while Acting Locally. Completion of the FIT series will prepare you for success in growing your business globally.

Venture Profiling

Venture Profiling

Venture Profiling is an analysis and assessment process and tools that SME can benefit to understand the sustainability factor and the potential of growth path of their ventures.

Using VectorScorecard, a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to analyze more than 100 qualitative and quantitative variables. Speed, depth and breadth of Vector reports are unrivalled –faster and accurate decision making process.

Reports are automatically generated in a just-in-time environment, ranging from a single-page summary, to detailed 15-page reports.

Using our tools, your business is likely to experience:

Increased productivity
Minimize bad debts
Higher risk-adjusted profits
Improved cash flows


CFIA Program

CFIA is a one-year intensive program dedicated to expand and sharpen your skills and knowledge in the areas of financial strategy and risk management. Integrated methodologies, intensive workshops, guided self-study, and applied portfolio management analysis will equip you to become a world class expert and adviser in this field.

Whether you are a corporate leader, business owner or a professional adviser, you will be enabled with the expertise necessary to attain a competitive edge in fulfilling the vastly expanding needs of SMEs and corporate enterprises worldwide.

Venture Coffee Club Logo

Venture Coffee Club

A structures and facilitated but informal in nature, this event activities are dedicated to provide entrepreneurs a place to interact, learn and network with their fellow entrepreneurs with objectives to capture new potential client, the right client, training participant candidate, consulting / coaching clients, angel/ venture capitalist exposure. An optional activity that can be added to further enhance the learning atmosphere for SME as they find their journey can be quite challenging and lonesome.


Entrepreneurship Development
"Successful business begins with an idea, and is driven by passion, assets and opportunity. Join this program and create the 'blueprint' for your success!"