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Entrepreneurship Development

EntreEdge is our arm who designated to provide and deliver services related to Entrepreneurship Development.

EntreEdge guided by its principles strives to facilitate the discovery and development of critical entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to achieve its purpose of catalyzing the entrepreneurial excellence in individuals for global prosperity.

EntreEdge is about the development of entrepreneurs from the conceptualization, planning, execution and evaluation stages. Employing tools and various measurable, we aim to stimulate the progressive transformation of ideas into a viable business venture.

With a firm believe that the company will be tomorrow where the people want to take it, the E.I profess the investment into human capital at three various levels, the LEADER (the ENTREPRENEUR), the TEAM (the PEOPLE) and the COMPANY (the BUSINESS) and looking at these through the 4 core perspectives of FINANCE, MARKETING, OPERATIONS and MANAGEMENT which we call the Business of the BusinessT will empower the organization to grow to its full potential.

EntreEdge as part of the Smart Centric Solutions Global, views entrepreneurship at 8 different management levels, having 4 CORE perspectives and 3 key resource groups each while integrated is independent at the various levels.

Derived from our core model of The Business of The Business, we've developed an integrated development and systematic approach in promoting the field of entrepreneurship both as an applied science and a practical experiential learning model which we developed over the course 30 years in the group's experiences of building over 400 businesses in 92 countries.

Entrepreneurship Development
Product Series

Entrepreneurship Institute

This is a generic programs aims to create awareness at early stage students in high schools or college levels or retirees on Entrepreneurship. Most are not aware that they have other options besides looking for a job right after their complete their schools, or another option that they can consider after they retiring. We have different programs ranging from Inculcation programs for High Schools, Colleges, and Universities (Capstone). Certificate and diploma format are custom made for each education institutions wishing to carry out these programs.

Smart Start

A SMART start for those wishing to start their business from the start. We’ve designed a five-step program that will help wannabe entrepreneurs or those who just started their venture:

  1. SMART BizThink: Is My Idea Really a Business?T
  2. SMART Biz of Biz: Four Core Foundation of Starting Any VentureT
  3. SMART Selling & MarketingT
  4. SMART Money: Fuel & Language of the BusinessT
  5. SMART Roadmap: Charting Your CourseT

Smart Growth

A continuing series dedicated for established businesses who needs to continue their learning in order to expand, transform and grow their business to the next level:

  1. Listening to Your BusinessT
  2. On Course On Purpose™
  3. SMART Growth Marketing MacroT
  4. SMART Money: Fuel & Language of the BusinessT
  5. SMART Growth Marketing Micro™
  6. SMART Growth Marketing Micro™
  7. Bottom Line Finance™
  8. Leading at The Speed of Growth™
  9. Growth Planning for Succeed™
  10. Funding Growth™

Smart Topics

Topical programs which designed and dedicated to augment and support the core learning programs. This topical subjects range from all the four core area of business; marketing, operation, finance and management. Format of delivery can be customized between 2 hour to half day or a full one-day seminar for different purpose of learning as assigned by the host organization.


Entrepreneurship Development
"Successful business begins with an idea, and is driven by passion, assets and opportunity. Join this program and create the 'blueprint' for your success!"