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Economic Development

We recognize that the entrepreneurial spirit which has enabled our growth and success is also the engine that drives the economies of the vibrant and successful economies of the world. In response, The Group implemented a strategic directive, to research, understand and support entrepreneurial development worldwide”.

The S.E.E.D.S Group Division was established to oversee this mission. Several subsidiary entities were formed, each with focused tasks and functions. Identified international objectives include:

Research and evaluation of available entrepreneurial educational resources and programs and the assessment of their effectiveness.
Monitoring of business incubators globally and evaluation of their efficacy.
Development and implementation of highly effective training programs, learning systems, educational curriculum and practicum, and support resources that optimize business startup, growth and sustainability while facilitating the transformation of companies and their leaders. In short, to maximize potentials while minimizing possibility of demise.
Facilitate accessibility to and effectiveness of capital resources.
Establish a knowledge bank and expertise network and assure its available to entrepreneurial firms and supporting organizations.
Develop mentor networks of advisory experts coaches and mentors to support entrepreneurs and SMEs.
Strategically identify the most effective models for The Synergy Group of Companies to contribute to the growth, development and success of the entrepreneurial and SME communities worldwide.

Core activities are to include:

Research and assessment
Strategic Analysis & Planning
Market Access
Global Linkages
Economic Development Expertise & Experience
Rural Development
Marginalized Sectors


Entrepreneurship Development
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