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Our Approach

Our philosophy and approach is to proceed from a localized customer perspective. That is, to thoroughly understand the needs of the customer (entrepreneur or SME) and to respond with programs which are appropriate, effective and measurable in fulfilling these needs. This approach mandates a thorough evaluation and assessment of the strengths and challenges of the entrepreneur, the stage of growth of the business, stage of management development and all present resources and constraints in order to effectively provide a beneficial solution.

We have a broad portfolio of programs which may be appropriate to respective stages of the entrepreneurial and SME development. We hold proprietary rights to these programs allowing us to customize or tailor them to specific venues, stages of maturity, mode of delivery, etc. Further, we have the expertise and capacity to design programs and content specific to local needs and requirements.

The challenge is to properly and accurately assess these needs. It is our position that sufficient and accurate information and understanding of client needs (entrepreneur and SME) must be assessed or be made available before recommending specific solutions or relevant pricing.

It is our belief that the success of any economic development undertaking requires:

A comprehensible vision of purpose
A clearly defined expectation of results
Accurate identification of required resources
Appropriate selection of the projects and clients and
A close monitoring of progress.

The emphasis and focus must be on real, tangible and measurable results. The goal manifests the outcome.

Our perspective is NOT that of a training company or academic institution. Rather, our approach is born from a business perspective, requiring identification of objectives, milestones, and resources required, how they are implemented, and anticipated results (ROI). Clearly defined responsibilities and authority are paramount.

We stand ready to serve and support the success of these awesome responsibilities.

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