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About Us

SMART-Centric Global was formed for the purpose of establishing local and regional hubs which provide access to and availability of the entrepreneurial and economic development resources of The Synergy Group and its expansive global network and alliances.

SCG established its ASEAN headquarters in Kuala Lumpur in 2002 to serve the Southeast Asian region and its neighboring countries.

We are uniquely qualified to develop, deliver and transfer the most practical and effective entrepreneurial education and business development resources available today. Specifically, we are able and enthusiastic to provide the optimum solutions and programs for each and every stage of growth and development; a total and comprehension solution.

Our purpose is to be the global leader in entrepreneurship resources and corporate education

We will harness our knowledge and efforts to provide services that are necessary for business life, health and growth.

Our mission is to create a value add

We will succeed in business only by implementing what we teach and support business owners and their employees to grow together

Our approach is to be trustworthy, creative and enterprising.

We build customer relationships on integrity. We develop solutions create a win-win-win solution for us, the customer and in the process, we contribute to society.

Our performance measures are engaged employees, satisfied customers, enriched communities and profitable growth.

Engaged employees focus on satisfying customers and are committed to livable, sustainable communities. With those accomplishments, we will enjoy the profitable growth necessary to sustain performance over time.


Entrepreneurship Development
"Successful business begins with an idea, and is driven by passion, assets and opportunity. Join this program and create the 'blueprint' for your success!"